Who is my Sales Representative?

Please go to the Find a Sales Rep page on HOSPECO.com for a list of our Sales Reps organized by geographical location, or you can call our Customer Service department at 800-321-9832.

When will my order ship?

Most In-Stock orders ship within 1 business day, often times the same day. Our advanced inventory system allows us to forecast daily inventory updates at our warehouses in Knoxville and Reno.

Can an End User place orders on HOSPECO.com?

HOSPECO is a Manufacturer and Importer and sells its products through leading distributors. We do not sell directly to end users. Please contact our customer service department at 800-321-9832 and we can put you in touch with one of our qualified distributors.

How can I order from HOSPECO?

If you are a distributor with an account already established with HOSPECO you can enter orders directly on HOSPECO.com by building a shopping cart. Orders can also be place by calling Customer Service at 800-321-9832, faxing orders to 800-362-0073 or emailing orders to orders@hospeco.com. However, the most efficient way to process orders is to establish an EDI relationship. HOSPECO EDI details and contact information.

What is your Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP)?

HOSPECO’s MAP policy can be found here

How can I get an SDS sheet?

SDS sheets can be found in the Resources section of this website.

What is the warranty on HOSPECO products?

HOSPECO’s warranty policy can be found here

How can I get Keys/Parts for my dispensers?

With the many variations of keys/parts, discussing your needs live with a knowledgeable Customer Service Person will ensure you receive the most accurate answer. Please contact Customer Service at 800-321-9832.

Do you offer products with private labels?

HOSPECO provides private label products for many distributors. You can read about our general private label guidelines, and your HOSPECO Sales Representative can further expand on this benefit of doing business with HOSPECO.

What is the minimum order to receive prepaid freight?


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